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"I'm flying!"

Why is it not Wednesday? Flargh.

Popped into Five Below on my way home, this evening, when I spotted THESE! I opened these in my car and put two of them on the trunk♥


So apparently there is an app for good ol' Lj. Who knew.

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No, rly.

I'm back from the dead, y'all. lol

So, I'm still Ash. I'm still great. I still make arts and perform in stuffs and write things and go out of my way to bone The Doctor. Yeah.

I spend most of my time at Tumblr like the rest of the world, now. So feel free to follow me if you're down with that sort of thing, haha.


However, I really miss LJ, so I'll do my best to actively update here, especially when I have arts to post which should be fairly soon. I'm getting close to the end of school, and we have been doing some fun stuff at work, so there's that.

Also, does anyone still read this? Do you have a tumblr? Post yours, let's have some fun. Disco stick, blah blah.

Oh! And I won a literary contest at school! First place for creative non-fiction, bitches. Yeah! The award ceremony is next month and my hubby, Austin is going to be my date and we're going to look all snazzy and shit, lol.

Well, see you on the morrow, folks. I'll try to update again soon. :(


happy christmas, everyone! I miss you, LJ. :)


Sales Post!

Hey, folks. I need to make some quick money quick so I am selling off a few things. Take a look and lemme know. I ship from the US and I only accept paypal. Thanks!

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I have feedback on serasell, pkmncollectors and ebay under fivetomidnight if that helps at all.


Writer's Block: Hobby Lobby

What do you like to collect?

I think everyone knows this by now, but Sailor Moon, keys, and London. Yay.

Happy Wholloween

My Who pumpkin I made at work for Halloween. :]

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Writer's Block: Chatty Cathy

Who do you talk to the most?

Definitely my sister, and then my best friend, Jane't


I have the flu. Fun. (Reality: Not.)
I actually have the day off tomorrow. (Reality: Yes.)

Expect a post. I promise a chibi!Eleven is in it for you.